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Bloxham Classes

Bloxham Jubilee Hall, Tuesdays 8-9:15pm

Steady based flow yoga for most abilities.  1hr and 15 mins of time for yourself.  In these classes you'll find a blend of movement, breathwork and an invitation to connect to your body's wisdom.  Classes always finish with a 10-15 guided relaxation/meditation.


Yoga Therapy

Privately held sessions in the comfort of your home

Typically our first session will be 

getting to know you, going over your health history, and discussing your goals for Yoga Therapy. This is a personalised & collaborative approach to yoga.

We will identify areas of your life where yoga techniques could help you to live with a greater sense of ease.

This includes daily practice, healthy habits and other lifestyle factors.

A yoga therapy session may vary each time, this usually depends on what we are working on. This can include time spent on mat based practices doing posture, meditation or breathwork specifically selected for you.

It can also involve time talking about how you feel physically, mentally, emotionally.  

Corporate Sessions

Yoga and/or Meditation in the workplace

More and more businesses are recognising the importance of offering employees time and space to support them their with physical and mental well-being.

Yoga and/or meditation offers staff the opportunity to rest and recalibrate.  As a result this leads to reduced stress and anxiety levels which in turn, creates a shift in perspective and creativity.  

Yoga Class
Yoga: Classes
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